Ashwin Kakkamanu has got the best birthday gift ever as his daughter was born on July 5th.   The ‘Mankatha’ star married his long time girlfriend Sonali Manavalan in 2016.

Ashwin has posted “Well, what do I say? Life changed in an instant last night. My little bear cub was due next week and decided ‘Hell no, I’m going to come on papa’s birthday and just make that day my own, hold my bottle pa!’ Avira Ruby Kakumanu entered this world on July 5th,2019 and for the rest of my life till I make my way out will cherish this day for being extra special and celebrate our birthdays together! All the cliches are true, a switch goes off in your heart and your eyes start tearing up when you hold your baby for the first time. It’s magical! Thank you @son_emk for carrying this little bun, and bearing all the pain to deliver her safely. I hope we can guide & shepherd her through what life has to offer and come out as better people and hopefully make her world a little better than she found it.”

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