Bigg Boss is a popular reality show hosted by Kamal Haasan. Season three of this reality show started on June 23rd this year and 4 contestants have been eliminated till now, Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mohan Vaidya and recently, Meera Mitun.



Behindwoods had an exclusive interaction with Meera, where she shared about her experience in Bigg Boss house and also explained about the personal allegations put on her. When asked about her suddenly trending ‘Jodi’ (dance reality show) promo video, she replied “The promo was edited differently. I was not eliminated on that episode, only my partner was eliminated. He did not catch me properly during a dance movement, so Radha mam got very angry and he was eliminated because of that mistake”

When asked about her marriage and the viral picture with her ex-husband, she stated “That was just a social marriage. It didn’t even last a day. It was not even registered also. I don’t know about the photos, he could be spreading it for publicity.”

meera and her husband

Meera was also asked about the problem between Abhirami and her, which remained to be a secret in the show, she said “I introduced Abhirami. I was the first Tamil girl to win the ‘Miss South India’ title after 15 years and after that, I trained other Tamil girls who turned out to win the pageant too. I don’t know what other problem Abi has with me. I have only helped her.” When asked about the memes on her, she says “They are doing good free promotion”.

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