The trailer of Guna 369 starring Kartikeya and Anagha is out now and the action-filled promotional video has its own moments. Kartikeya, of RX 100 fame, plays the lead role in Guna 369 which is directed by debutante Arun Jandyala. The film seems to be a revenge drama with Kartikeya on a leading role while Aditya Menon plays the antagonist. While the story hints to be routine, it’s the screenplay that seems to have a different appearance in Guna 369.

The background score is impactful and gives a long-lasting impression on you which is composed by Chaitan Bharadwaj. The cinematography is controlled by Ram Reddy. Guna 369 is produced by A. Tirumal Reddy & Anil Kadiyala.

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