Sulmdog Millionaire, the film that gained A.R. Rahman two Oscars recently completed 10 years of release and at in event celebrating A.R. Rahman and his elder daughter Khatija Rahman were seen sharing stage for a one-on-one conversation. The images from the event brought out raised eyebrows from some corners for the very reason that Khatija was seen wearing a niqab.
Soonafter this, A.R. Rahman shared a picture of his family where his other daughter Rahima and wife Saira could be seen, only to point out the difference in their attires and send out the message that the women in his family have the ‘Freedom to Choose’.
Khatija Rahman on her part sent out a statement saying that she was never ‘coerced’ by anyone in her family and that wearing a niqab was her own choice. A.R. Rahman’s and his daughter’s response has since been received positively on social media.